Meet Our Team

Emma Pendlebury, Veterinary Technician

Emma & Jango

My name is Emma and I started working in a vet clinic in Twin Falls in June of 2018, but I started working here in October of 2018. I have loved working here at Broadway Vet and my favorite thing about this clinic is my coworkers and clients. Everyone in the area is so nice and friendly!  I have a kitten named Lukifer and a rescue dog named Jango. Jango (pictured) was one of the first patients I had seen while working at my previous clinic. He had been shot in the arm and mouth! It has been so neat to watch him recover and eventually end up adopting him as my own! In my free time, I love to hike with my two pets and spend time with my siblings and parents. I hope to see you soon! 

Kaycie Newton,  Veterinary Technician

Kaycie & JD

My name is Kaycie! I've worked here since October 2018. I'm currently going to school at College of Eastern Idaho. I am hopeful to become a veterinarian myself someday. I have always had animals in my life. I have a 14 year old Shih Tzu named Honey, a 3 month old Labrador Retriever named Nemo, and a 6 month old rescue kitten named John Deer. John Deer (pictured) was brought into this clinic by a very kind woman who only wanted to see him well again, but didn't know if that was even possible. He was found after he had unfortunately been run over by a lawn mower, hence the name John Deer, or JD for short. I instantly fell in love with this kitten and saw so much will to live in him that I couldn't let him go. I took the risk to care for him on my own expense and since then, his road to recovery has been great. He is now living his best life with three legs and a deformed toe, but I wouldn't have it any other way! All three of my pets enjoy going on hikes, travelling, and cuddling with me. I can't wait to meet your furry babies, too!

Meghan Lushbaugh, Veterinary Technician

Meghan & Geck

Hi! My name is Meghan and I have been working here at Broadway Vet since March of 2019. Throughout my work career, I have constantly been surrounded by animals. I have knowledge in basic care of small rodents, birds, reptiles, and aquatic life as well as cats and dogs. My favorite thing about working here is being able to care for the exotic animals in our area and learn even more about them! At home, I have two crested geckos, Geck (pictured) and Lina, and a rescued leopard gecko named Dotty. When I am not working, I love to spend time with my boyfriend and his two fun little boys, take care of my house plants, and go on adventures with friends. I'm so excited to see you and your critters in our clinic! They sure will be snuggled, I personally guarantee it. 

Kendra Jordan, Veterinary Technician and Receptionist


Hi! My name is Kendra! I started working at Broadway Vet in April 2019 as a receptionist and have been branching out as a technician. I am currently in school studying conservation biology and have always wanted to work around animals since I was little. I have worked at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park as well as our little zoo here in town. Reptiles have always been my favorite and I own a few creepy crawlies myself. I own two ball pythons (Monty and Circe, pictured), a crested gecko (Link), two leopard geckos (Zelda and Sheik), and one very talkative cat named Puff! When I am not working or busy with school I love to be outside, hang out with friends and family, or read a good book.  I can't wait to meet your pets and give them the best experience possible. :) 

Kendra Weekes, Veterinary Technician

Courtney Toms, Receptionist

Bella & Bryan

I'm Courtney and I have worked here since February of this year. I am a receptionist at this clinic and I absolutely love it because of all the cool animals I get to see. I am constantly learning something new every day! I have two dogs at home, a Great Dane named Bellatrix and a Collie/Pitbull mix named Bryan (both pictured). My 3 year old daughter, Sherry, loves both of them and especially loves to take Bella on walks! There isn't much she likes to do without the pups. She is especially good at feeding them treats...LOTS of treats. When I'm not checking in your pets here, my family and I love to go drag racing. Basically, if it's outside with a motor, we are doing it! I hope to see your pets here soon! 

Rebecca Ditzig, Kennel Technician


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